Microsoft Advance Excel Certification

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Advanced Excel refers to features and functions of Microsoft Excel tool which helps the user to perform complex and large calculations, data processing on the huge amount of data, performing data analysis, better representation of data, etc. Advanced Excel has evolved from a basic spreadsheet tools to a major business application that enables information workers to create, analyze, consolidate, report on. And share critical information that affects the entire business life cycle. This is not your grand-mothers calculator! Office Excel 2010 faces the same challenge that Microsoft* Office Word 2010 takes on: offering powerful, sophisticated tools in an accessible way that enables both experts and novices to find what they need easily and produce professional-quality, accurate, and insightful results.

Module 1: Let's Brush UP Excel Spreadsheet

  • Creating, Editing, Formatting, Printing and Saving Spreadsheets
  • Password Protecting & Un-Protecting Worksheets
  • Web Development
  • Freeze Pane, Mail merge

Module 2: Useful Quick Excel Shortcuts

Module 3: Basic Excel Calculation

Module 4: Paste Special

Module 5: If Conditional Function

Module 6: Conditional Formatting

Module 7: Rounding Functions

Module 8: Mathematical Functions

Module 9: D Function

Module 10: Text Functions

Module 11: Validation and Protections

Module 12: Is and Lookup Functions

Module 13: Financial Functions

Module 14: Date and Time Functions

Module 15: What if Analysis and subtotal

Module 16: Charts

Module 17: Pivot Table

Module 18: Array Function

Module 19: Recording and Basics of Macro VBA

Module 20: Use full VBA Commands

Module 21: Use of Excel Formulas and Functions in VBA

Module 22: Work Sheet and Work Book Events

Module 23: User Form in Excel

Module 24: Case Studies on VBA

Module 25: Basic Excel Dashboard

Module 26: Chart Based Comparing Dashboards

Module 27: Use of Conditional Formatting in Dashboard


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Hussain Saifee

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I am currently pursuing CMA and the lecture are very much informative from the academic point of view as well as from the professional point of view. The ambience and the atmosphere is also encouraging So anyone who is planning to pursue CMA I will certainly recommend British Columbia International Academy

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