SAP Human Resource Management

Exam & Eligibility

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is an important module in SAP. It is also known as SAP Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or SAP Human Resource (HR).

SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) is one of the important modules in ERP SAP, SAP HR (Human Resource Management) manages all functions from hiring an employee to its final termination in organization. It consists various sub-components such as personal Management, Organizational (OM), Time Management and Payroll.

SAP HR training material teaches you in a easy method with screen shots step by step with scenarios.

Human resource management plays a major role in every company. In particular, when there are several departments and a correspondingly large number of employees, managing the staff is often difficult. However, this is extremely important for the further development of a company. Many entrepreneurs would therefore like to be able to manage all significant and relevant personal data in one place. This is possible with so-called SAP human resource management systems.

Content Outline

SAP-HCM/HR Training Content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to ERP.
    • What are the different ERP software available in the market?
    • What are the Centralized and Decentralized Systems?
    • What are the benefits of ERP?
    • What is VMware?
    • Explaining the 2 tier architecture.
    • Types of consultants.
    • Explaining the EHP.
    • Basic Navigation of SAP.
    • How to Logoff SAP?
    • What is SAP Solutions Manager?
    • What is ASAP Roadmap?
    • Searching menu path for the transaction code.

  • Enterprice Structure
    • Define Company.
    • Define Company code.
    • Assign Company code to company.
    • Define Personnel area.
    • Define Personnel sub area.

  • Personnel Structure
    • Define employee group-active, inactive, terminated, retired, permanent, temporary or contract.
    • Define employee subgroup- salaried employee, hourly wage earners.
    • Assign personnel area to company code.
    • Assign employee subgroup to employee group.

  • Organisational Management
    • Define organizational unit.
    • Define organizational object.
    • Position.
    • Job.
    • Person.
    • Work Centre.
    • Task/catalogue.

  • Reports
    • Report to view the organizational unit or object.
    • Report to view the organizational structure.
    • Report to view organizational structure position.
    • Report to view task catalogue.

  • Important Settings
    • Define Employee attributes.
    • Define Personnel Numbers (Maintain number range intervals for Personnel.
    • Assign Fiscal year to Company Code.
    • Define Chart of Accounts.
    • Define Account Groups.
    • Hiring the Candidate.
    • Create Organizational Assignment.
    • Create Personal Data.
    • Module that is Time Management.

  • Time Management
    • Define Public holiday calendar.
    • Define fixed holiday calendar.
    • Group Personnel Sub-Areas for the Daily Work Schedule.
    • Define Daily Work Schedules.
    • Define Break Schedules.
    • Setting the Planned Working Hours.
    • Set default value for the Work Schedule.
    • Setting up Planned Working time.

  • Payroll
    • Define period parameters.
    • Check Payroll Accounting Area.
    • Generate Payroll Accounting Area.
    • Payroll data.
    • Check pay scale type.
    • Employee sub-group for Primary Wage Types.
    • Define Valuation of Base Wage Types.
    • Revise Pay Scale Groups and Levels.
    • Define Pay Scale Salary Ranges.

  • Training and Event Management
    • Business Event Preparation.
    • Planning for the whole year.
    • Cost Centre Creation.
    • Business Event Catalogue.
    • Control Elements.
    • Booking.
    • Postponing the training date.
    • Attendance Menu.
    • Managing the attendees.

SAP Certification Eligibility

  • Basic Knowledge of Human Resource
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer Operations

Course Duration: 30 hours

Course Schedule: Weekend and Weekday Classes

Benefits of SAP HCM / HR

  • From hiring professionals to managing details of designation, payment, compensation, promotion etc., are taken care by the HR. SAP HCM module enables one to keep a better track of everything.
  • Improved position control - SAP provides more position-related information than any other HRMS, and the information is presented in a much more user-friendly form.
  • Time savings - Focus is on strategic HR issues - Data is transparent
  • Improved employee history data- SAP presents this information in a much more organized, user-friendly way. For example- re-organization, or succession planning.
  • SAP HCM allows managers and executives to visualize more than 40 HR metrics and over 90 measures to help formulate strategies for the current business climate.
  • Changes in the data are always traceable- Employee development can be made more effective Payroll accountingcan be partially automated - Correct time recording by employees is possible.
  • Automated compensation adjustment- Prior to the introduction of SAP, compensation adjustments were calculated manually outside HRMS and then keyed in.
  • SAP HCM also offers time and attendance management which can be easily updated and monitored through employee and manager.
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