Reasons Companies Look For PMP and PMI Certified Managers

In the recent forecast, it was predicted that by the year 2020, there will be more than 15.7 million project management positions open globally in the industries. This might be from areas like business services, construction, finance and insurance, information systems, manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities and you can see by yourself that if you are going to take up PMP and PMI as your career options, you will be having loads of career choices to choose from.

In the United States alone, the demand for professionals who are having expertise in project management will be close to about 6-7 millions in the coming few years. It not only holds some of the best anticipated growth, but it also offers you higher than average salaries. In this article we are going to point out some reasons why most of the employers prefer PMP and PMI trained employees.

Skills PMI and PMP certification gives you all the requisite skills that will help you to excel at your work. These skills are going to make you more productive and efficient at your workplace.

Strong Knowledge Base PMI and PMp courses prepare you with a strong knowledge base that is beneficial for existing as well as ongoing projects for the organisation.

Value Management Management of resources in the most efficient manner is very much important for every organisation and PMP certified project managers are able to forecast the projects in a way that adds up value as well as overall performance in the organisation.

Global Recognition PMP course certification is recognised globally and has ranked as one of the most powerful courses in the world. It exposes your resume to the largest and most prestigious group of companies around the world, where you get immense opportunities to choose from. After all, which employer would not like to hire such a project manager, who has a certification of the most sought after course from one of the best institutes?

Appreciation and Respected After you get the certification from a good institute, you get a lot of recognition and this is really important in a career path of every individual. It not only arms you with better management techniques, but it also gives you a lot more appreciation in your salary as well.

Commitment Organisations are always in lookout for people, who are focussed andcommitted. Anyone who has taken a PMP certification has obviously spent a lot of time and effort to attain it and this reflects the level of perseverance in an individual, and that is something every employer wants in his employees.

Lifelong Benefits People who are looking forward to a bright career for the rest of their lives; they are going to get a continual help from PMP certification. No matter what position you hold in an organisation, you will able to do more and thus grow more.