Your CIA Exam Preparation Survival Guide

Most of the students before the start of the CIA exam find themselves in the fix as they don’t have the right strategy or the planning to move ahead in the same. Thanks to British Columbia International Academy (BCIA) tailor made courses and classroom sessions, you can be sure that you score the best. In this article, we are going to help you with some tips that can come handy during exam time.

Think About Timing: In any exam timing matters a lot and you need to ensure that you have managed the time according to the exam schedule. To begin with, you need to look into the spread of three CIA exams and thus you can design a time fame that will allow you to manage the time according to the preparations.

Live Classes: Live classes can help you a lot at the time of exam preparation as you can get all your queries solved if you have any problems. The session allows you to come face to face with experienced faculties and instructors with easy to read and understand formats of materials.

Strategize Your Exam Decisions: Another area where you need to be careful is the decision when to take the exam. While most of the people clear the exams in the first attempt and it is highly recommend that you take the exam after the completion of course.

Review and Review! Once you are done with the study program, you need to review all the notes you have prepared, all the lectures that you have attended and all the practices you have done. This will help you analyze where you are lacking and where you might need an improvement and remember to keep practicing the concepts you are weak at. This will also allow you to have much better chances of passing the exam.

Plan Right and Plan Well In CIA exam you need to fit in one hundred study hours per part before you decide to take up the exam. While for many this may sound too much of preparation, but it is actually required if you are looking forward to pass it with flying colours. Make sure that you have devoted plenty of time to your weak areas and be committed to the study plan you have made and follow it.

Take Full Advantage Of Your Time Apart from the daily time you are devoting in the course, you must devote more time afterwards with a structured study plan. CIA exams are not lengthy and the course is also time limited, so you must make sure that you are making the most of what you have in the course duration.

All these factors will help you to score really well in your upcoming CIA exams.