CMA Certification in Dubai – An Overview

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is one of the most respected and career oriented courses that you could lay your hands on after doing your graduation. It is beneficial for a bright career and is a prominent course that helps you to achieve your personal goals.

We have a certification course for financial professionals who meet the following criteria:
Any person who is applying for the job must have a graduation degree from an affiliated university or college. You must have a fair bit of knowledge on subjects like economics, statistics, and financial accounting. Two years of relevant experience.
Candidates must have taken courses that have financial planning, risk analysis, internal controls, and financial decision as main subjects and they must be cleared by the applied candidate.

The CMA Exam The main CMA exam is divided into two main parts. Each of the part is of 4 hours duration and you are free to select the order of the exam, according to your liking. Both parts are not connected to each other, and you don’t have to take a certain part in priority. The exam is administered by Pro-metric testing centres that are located in Dubai and around the world. You need to ensure that you are passing both the exams within three years after you have enrolled yourself for the CMA program. The registration for the exam must be done within one year after you have taken up the program.

Exam Details Part one of the CMA exam consists of financial planning, which mainly focuses on planning, budgeting, and forecasting, performance measurement, cost management, internal controls, and professional ethics. Part two has all the focus on financial decision making that is related to financial statement analysis, corporate finance, decision analysis and risk management, investment decisions and, again, professional ethics.

Students have a certain advantage in the CMA exam, as all the featured questions are based on real work scenario, so the study is not just related to the bookish knowledge. The mandatory work experience that is required at the time of registration for the course helps you a lot and will make a difference in the marks you score in the final exam.

What Does the CMA Certification Mean to Employers? As a CMA, you need to ensure that you are meeting all the educational requirements before you take up the course. CMA certification hols a lot of importance, and if you have taken it from a good institute like ours, then it is going to wade you a profitable path to a bright career.

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