How You Must Prepare For The CISA Exam?

Like our last blogs, which was aimed on the preparation of CIA exams, we bring you an article that will help you out on the right preparation of CISA exam and will give you tips and points to keep in mind, before commencing preparation for the same.

Study the CRM Religiously The first thing that you need to take care of is the CRM. ISACA offers the CISA Review Manual which has all the information you would probably need for CISA exam. This means, that you will get an in depth knowledge of roles and responsibilities of an information systems auditor, by going through the CRM module and it is one of the best self-study guide for CISA aspirants. It is advisable that before you take up the exam, you should go through the module once to prepare yourself well.

CISA Review Questions Database Going through review questions have always helped students in the past and if you are looking forward to score good marks, it is essential that you take up ISACA’s Review Questions Database. It has all the comprehensive questions that give you some of the best real time examples of the questions that have been asked. This also lets you understand the pattern of the examination in a much simplified manner, where you could use the samples to understand difficult concepts and areas and improve your CISA exam prep. The database is updated on regular basis so you can be sure it gives you all the information you are looking for.

Think Like An Accountant When you are going to be an accountant after taking up the examination, it would be a nice idea to start thinking like one. The nature of the exam is to make you think like an IT auditor and this sharpens your decision-making skills by tackling hypothetical problem scenarios. It also lets you manage, evaluate, and prioritize real world applications and tasks.

ISACA’s Free Resources Don’t forget to take full advantage of what the ISACA’s website has on offer. It has some of the most important materials on offer that will be of great benefit when preparing for the exam.

Going Through Blogs And Articles Last but not the least; keep yourself update by visiting blogs and articles that are especially written on CISA exams. You could subscribe to our email notifications where you will be notified each time when there will be a blog update.

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