Which Section Of The CPA Exam Should I Take First?

CPA exams will be around the corner soon and it will be a better idea to make the plans and a study chart that will help you to score well. Many students find themselves in fix when it comes to attending a specific section of the exam first, out of the total 4 sections. The section that you are going to attempt first might be an important decision because it will not only help you to tackle the time for the remaining three sections, but it will also help you to perform perfect as well.

The Myth Of Taking The Hardest Section First Many students think that if they are going to attempt the difficult section first, it is going to ease of much of the stress and they will be able to attempt the rest of the sections in much simplified manner. The truth of the matter is, each section in going to be challenging for you and it is always a good idea to attempt the section that is easy for you first and then going on to the section that is bit difficult. This will allow you to save precious time and you could use it to crack the hard section later.

Choosing Your Strongest Section Your approach should be defined in a way where you feel more confident about the section that you are going to attempt. This means that you should choose the section that is most relevant to your work and then you must wade your path keeping the time frame in mind. Generally, students who give the exam for the first time are graduates who are straight out of college and it would be a good idea for them to take up a section, which relates to the subject they were strong in. This is going to help you because the information will still be fresh and easily retrievable as you have studied it in the recent past.

Another approach is to make a plan one or two months before the exam and then move carefully where you attempt each sections in a limited time period. The pattern of the exam changes every year but it never changes in a way that you will fail to relate with to the papers from the past you have practiced on. This allows you to absorb all the information much better and serves as a good stepping stone to prepare for one of the longer sections.

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